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      No monetizas lo que realmente deberías…porque dedicas miles de horas a tu proyecto pero no consigues transformar tus visitas en ventas.
      No monetizas lo que realmente deberías…porque no posees conocimientos en diseño web y diseño gráfico.
      No consigues hacer que tu mensaje cale en tu audiencia de forma visual e intuitiva…aunque tus ideas de negocio son buenas.Los objetivos que te planteaste al inicio de tu proyecto no han dado sus fruto…no has logrado explotar todas tus ideas con solvencia.
      Te gustaría encargar la fase de creación de tu web a un profesional… pero los precios del mercado no se ajustan a tu bolsillo.

      You would like to rise your sales as much as the electricity has done it in the last few months?
      Every month you end up suffering to cover costs, pay taxes and employees. Can you imagine what would it be to cover all your expenses the first week of the month?
      You want to expand and grow your business but with the financial crisis we are having, you cannot afford to invest more. And if you could dream big, what would you do?
      More than the owner you look like "a negotiator" and you're sick of those clients who bargain and negotiate your price and don't value what you do?
      You see that many people are taking advantage of the opportunities offered by the internet but you are afraid of wasting your money on things you don't know how they work. How did those bastards do it?

      You need a fast, functional and powerful web with a smart design

      and you need it NOW!

      I am Georgios

      I can help you to take your first steps on the internet without screwing up or wasting your money on nonsense (bullshit) that doesn't work.

      A professional website and a smart web design

      How can they give a boost to your business?

      Customers (People) will find you more easily

      Think about it for a moment. What do you do before you buy a product or service that you don't know about?

      I’m sure your answer was "search for information on the internet" or "Googling it"... So why the hell do you think your potential customers don't do the same? Visibility is key, since they need to know that you exist to buy something from you.

      I know, it's obvious, however you are the one who still doesn't have a proper website (don't worry, I'm messing with you… )

      You’ll give a professional appearance

      A web page is the current equivalent of the old business card.

      Except that in addition to include the typical basic data... It gives you the opportunity to highlight the strengths of your business and give the correct image to your potential customers.

      Obviously, it doesn’t happen magically, it is necessary to apply the correct digital marketing techniques that we already know they work. But don't worry, I'll take care of this.

      You can earn money while you sleep

      A website works all the time!

      It can help you sell or answer questions from your customers regardless of whether your business is open or not.

      It literally allows you to earn money while you sleep and with systems that work automatically.

      Not bad, right?

      You'll save yourself a lot of time (and headaches)

      Aren't you always complaining that you don't have enough time?

      Having a professionally designed website saves you time both in the short and long term since, as I have already told you, you will be able to implement automated systems that do part of the work for you.

      You will not only save time and money, you’ll also get peace of mind.

      You’ll reach more potential customers more cheaply

      You can do this with internet ads.

      Online advertising is a very powerful tool, although in recent years it has become increasingly specific and therefore more difficult to master.

      I constantly hear my clients complaining about that, when the harsh reality is right there, they don't know how to use them properly.

      I will be honest with you

      If you still do not have a website, this point does not concern you too much since it is a subsequent step to having a proper online presence.

      But it is also true that to increase your sales and sell more than you could ever imagine, it is necessary to leverage a good digital strategy and this regardless of the segment in which you find yourself.

      I mean, we'll do it step by step, but I think it's important that you are aware of how important ads can be for the future of your business.

      Si quieres saber más sobre cómo podemos implementar anuncios que posicionen tu negocio puedes hacer click aquí

      I WILL PUT

      your business on-line


      to stand out from the competition


      within just 6 days!

      What does my service include?

      – Creación y subida de videos en tu pagina Hasta 3 cortos vídeos básicos de proyectos de tu trabajo que has hecho y te interesa enseñar.
      – Entrega de videotutorial (Videotutorial con el objetivo de que puedas mantener actualizada tu web con facilidad.)
      – Personalización de tu web a tu gusto (A través de tus colores y fuentes favoritas, porque la imagen es muy importante!)
      – Aplicación de cambios básicos en el diseño (Cambios básicos en el diseño en función de tus gustos y necesidades para que a partir de ellos puedas terminar de pulir la apariencia visual de tu web.)
      – Formularios (Configuración y diseño de hasta 3 tipos de formularios de suscripción con Thrive Leads.)
      – e-mail Marketing (Integración de tu herramienta de email marketing (Mailchimp o Active Campaign) en tus formularios.)
      – Tu web de http a https (Migración de tu web de http a https así como de todos los cambios necesarios de forma que mejore el posicionamiento de tu web.)

      • web design y seo entrega en tan solo 6 dias el griego net

        Delivery in just 6 days

        In less than a week you will have your website ready to launch it and be able to start converting as soon as possible. And best of all: you don't have to do anything

      • instalacion de botones de redes sociales el griego net

        Installation of social media buttons

        I think by now you know how important social media is. We will make it easy for your customers to follow you and share your content

      • configuracion de copias de seguridad el griego net

        Backup settings

        Automated and total protection. We will anticipate any problem to avoid surprises and prevent them

      • adaptacion de tu web a los diferentes dispositivos moviles el griego net

        Adaptation of your website to different mobile devices

        As you know, when we look for something, the mobile is the first thing we have on hand. That is why adaptability to different devices is key

      • soporte a traves de email

        Email support

        For 15 days you will have my support to resolve any doubts that may arise

      • proteccion antispam el griego net

        Spam protection

        To prevent your website from being filled with annoying comments and spam

      • instalacion y configuracion de wordpress el griego net

        WordPress installation and configuration

        This will get your site up and running. You don't need to do anything else!

      • instalacion y personalizacion de plantilla el griego net

        Installation and template customization

        With each and every one of the fundamental pages. This will make your site look unique and personalized

      • implementacion de textos iconos imagenes y videos el griego net

        Implementation of texts, icons, images and videos

        In each and every one of the pages of your website. Obviously, I will not write the articles or entries for you

      • implementacion de todos los textos legales el griego net

        Implementation of all legal texts

        It must be the most boring and tedious, but very important to have everything in order: Cookies, privacy policy, legal notice, are the legality pages that by law cannot be missing from your website

      • configuracion de tus cuentas de google analytics y metricool el griego net

        Setting up your Google Analytics and Metricool accounts

        Some essential tools for you to know important information about your audience, which will allow you to reach your audience easily when using ads.

      • optimizacion web y seo el griego net

        Website optimization and SEO

        To increase the loading speed of your website and improve your positioning. Come on, make it easier for them to find you

      Bonus #1

      Your domain for one year
      - FREE -

      Bonus #2

      Learn to edit
      your page

      Bonus #3

      Extended support
      for another 15 days

      Bonus #4

      25% discount on my monthly support and maintenance service

      • BONUS #1

        Your domain for one year without any extra cost. 
It is your unique address on the internet, (the www…) among with a professional email account

      • BONUS #2

        Don't worry, with my help you will be able to edit your page. To add or correct information on your website in a very simple way.
 I give you a 45' video call training, where I teach you how to easily edit anything on your website and answer any question. You will also get the recording of this meeting so that you can review it whenever you need it. (It can be useful, right?

      • BONUS #3

        If you take action now, you will also get an extension of support for another 15 days. That is to say, my support via email to resolve any possible doubts that may arise for a whole month

      • BONUS #4

        For trusting me, If you want to hire it with my service of web design and SEO and in the first 15 days, you will have a 25% discount on support for the first 12 months.

      But there is still more…

      As I have already told you about the importance of having an ad strategy that increases your sales, I do not want to leave you without this fundamental part.
      So I’ve decided to give you your social media ad campaign. ⚡️ 🙌 <br>This is a service <b>valued at 97 € + VAT</b>, but for trusting me to design your site I will include it&nbsp;<b>for free</b>&nbsp;if you decide it before September!<br><br><b><u>BUT DON’T BE CONFUSED&nbsp;.&nbsp;FREE IS NOT THE SAME AS NO VALUE!

</u></b><br><br>In fact, by designing a strategy specifically aimed at seducing your ideal client, we can add a lot of value to your project thanks to social networks.&nbsp;<b>Ads</b>&nbsp;are a very powerful tool that&nbsp;<b>will provide you a “before and after”</b> for your&nbsp;business.<br>

      At the moment with the service web design and SEO I am providing these services totally free.
      I don't know how long it will be like this, but take advantage of them while you can.

      Within a week you can have a professional website to boost your business right now!
      Let's clarify a few things about my web design and SEO service
      What does this service not include?
      • Hosting

        You must acquire it previously to be able to start the process of installing your website. If you think you can't, I can take care of hiring your Host and create a professional email account for you at no extra cost. 
I offer you a 20% discount when contracting with Raiola and Webempresa , my favorite hosts as well as my clients favorites.

      • Creation and configuration of external accounts

        Although I will integrate most of your accounts on social networks and others such as mail on your website, it is necessary that these are previously created since they are personal accounts with private keys.

      • Personalized design

        The service does not consist of a completely personalized design of your website through more complex elements that involve coding.

      • Infinite problem solving

        Of course I will be by your side in all the doubts you have about the use and applications of your site. And for this I have included the support service that I have previously mentioned. But as you will understand, time is limited and so it is the support.
 After that time, I will not be obliged to respond and resolve possible doubts and problems that may arise as part of the use of your website. The good news are that if you need it you can hire my annual support and maintenance service where I will be there to cover your back at anytime.

      Who is for and who is it not for?

      The web design and SEO services that I offer

      el servicio de diseno web y seo es para ti el griego net

      is suitable for you if...

      - You are looking to increase the visibility of your business and sell more.
      - You understand the great power of the internet and you want to benefit from it with the help of a specialist who will guide you step by step.
      - ou want to enter the online world without making the classic beginner mistakes or wasting money on things that don't work.
      - You want to make the most of your time and automate part of your sales.
      - You need your business to stop being synonymous with problems and worries and give you peace of mind.

      el servicio de diseno web y seo no es para ti el griego net

      is NOT suitable for you if...

      - You expect an explosive growth the next day.
      - You prefer to keep complaining about the lack of sales instead of trying new tools that expand your business.
      - ou want a website just because "you need to have one" but you are not willing to have an online strategy.
      - You believe that the only way to do business is face-to-face and you don't need to expand your client portfolio.
      - This internet thing is not for you or your business.
      - You are homophobic, racist or are against equal LGBTIQ rights.

      I will put your business on the internet in less than a week.

      Count on me!
      Do you have doubts?
      faqs te quedaron dudas el griego net

      These are some of the most frequently asked questions.
      They will may help you clear your doubts up:

      Who will own my own website?

      You will be the owner of your website, domain and the licenses of any images on the page. You will have access to everything at any time.

      Will I be able to edit the web page easily?

      If you wish, we can do a 45-minute video call training, where I am going to teach you how to easily edit anything on your website including modifications in the web design and I’ll answer you any question you have. In addition, I will record the class so that you always have it at hand. The idea is that you do not depend on anyone or have to pay for each modification you need in the future. I will make it very easy for you, so that you can edit anything on your website.

      What if I don't have Domain and Hosting?

      Keep in mind that the cost of a good hosting is between €90 to €130 per year. If you think you can't do it yourself, & I can take care of it by doing it for you, hiring Host and Domain and creating an email account with the name of your business.

      On what system will you create my website?

      All my web pages are made with WordPress, the most widely used content management platform on the planet and, in my opinion, the one that offers the best opportunities. Additionally, I integrate all the necessary plugins such as Elementor, Essential Addons, Ultimate Elements etc. for free.

      What if I don't like the web design or I want to make changes?

      During the process of creating your page I will be in permanent contact with you to better understand your needs. Then I will propose the most suitable solution for you and I will make sure that you are satisfied with the result! My goal is to help you improve your professional presence and online positioning with a smart web design & SEO.

      How is the payment for the service made?

      The process of designing your website will begin after paying 50% of the total cost of the project. The remaining 50% will be paid once everything is ready and you agree with the final result. You can make the payment by bank transfer, or crypto.

      How long will it take for my website to be online?

      6 days after you have sent me all the information I need the web design will be done and your web page online.

      Who takes care of the texts and images?

      The service includes the introduction of content that you provide to me. I use professional tools so I have at my disposal a bank of images with unlimited downloads and royalty free. The idea is that all the content on your website is of the highest possible quality.

      Do you offer web maintenance service?

      Of course, as you might know, a website also requires maintenance so that everything is in good condition and is always an efficient tool.

      Is maintenance included in your service?

      The cost of web maintenance has an extra cost of €60 (+VAT) per month. It includes: Resolution of incidents and Update of plugins and WordPress to keep the page in optimal conditions of functionality and security. The good news is that if you choose to include this service when contracting the web design and SEO, I will include a 25% discount bonus for the first 12 months.

      How do I know that once I pay I will receive what I expect?

      My work is 100% guaranteed and the project will be delivered when you approve it (depending on what we agree before starting the work). 
I like my work to speak for myself and that is why I make sure my customers are satisfied. It is the commitment that I assume but it is also my best cover letter.

      Digital Marketing - Web Design - SEO

      Request a free consultation